Dr. Marcia Reynolds (MCC)

Dr. Marcia Reynolds (MCC) 
Wednesday  8 September 2021

" Coaching in times of Uncertainty and Change”

Dr. Marcia Reynolds (MCC) is a world-renowned expert on how to evoke transformation through conversations. She has spoken at conferences and taught workshops in over 43 countries on leadership topics and mastery in coaching. She is the author of several books that are references in the field.

In this time of heightened anxiety due to uncertainty caused by accelerated change, we are called to motivate, enable and empower those that seek us out for guidance. This is the perfect time to coach people to see what is possible even in difficult times. If done properly, they will see beyond their stories and see more hope and confidence about the future.

This webinar gave coaches effective tactics for holding uncomfortable coaching conversations and regulating their own emotions to maintain a confident presence and move their clients forward.

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