Dr Sherry Yellin (PHD, ACC)

To all you professional coaches out there, this webinar is just for you! 

How to design and deliver coaching programs that have massive impact and truly gain outstanding results?

Dr Sherry Yellin (PHD, ACC) has over 20 years experience designing, creating and delivering learning and coaching solutions to leaders in education, government agencies and private industry.
Her book " Unforgettable Leadership : 7 principles for Leading, Learning and Living” is a reference in the field
Through her 90 minutes interactive webinar "The Secret Formula to Creating Unforgettable Coaching Programs” you will learn practical ways to create unforgettable learning experiences that grow your business exponentially and create genuine transformation in individuals and organizations. The content of this webinar is proven to turn the so-so into the unforgettable! Don’t miss it! 

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Places are limited. 

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