Linda Berlot (PCC)

"Building the next generation of women leaders"
In today's world, the speed of change is accelerating, communication is shrinking time, and connectivity is shrinking space. All of this is creating change at a speed that is overtaking the ability of leadership to respond fast enough, let alone be in front of it.
In the face of all this, what are the leadership traits that serve us best and how do women have the competitive advantage in this area?
In this age of communication and community, it has now become necessary to leverage competencies that women have used across ages to focus on something that is bigger and lives in the collective.
The webinar introduced the participants to the 21st century leadership skills needed to leverage the power of the collective, to maximise team performance, particularly in times of accelerating change.
Linda Berlot is an Entrepreneur, Executive and Certified Team Coach (PCC, ORSCC). She is the founder and CEO of Berlot Group, an ICF accredited Coach Training organisation licensed to deliver team coaching and coach training programs to leaders and executive teams throughout the GCC.
She coaches multicultural teams (and in particular executive leadership teams) internationally, in the field of change management and team dynamics so that they may leverage the strength of the relationships and dynamics between them, so they get on track and stay on track in fast-moving, always changing environments.

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