Madhur Seth


To all you professional coaches out there, this webinar is just for You!


"How to discover and realise the Genius that exists within each of us”


This webinar will show you how to take ownership of your own transformation and improvement throughthe process of creating new neural pathways.The training is designed to open the minds of everyone to all the possibilities therein and to make them realize the power of the self: Wehave the possibility to actively trigger and create"Genius” within us through specific methods and principles.Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about how your brilliant brain’s potential!


Madhur Seth is a specialist of"knowledge” and has studied in depth emotional intelligence and neuroscience to fully understand what neurological processes are actually taking place inside the mind to program it intowho we are, how we behave and whom we become.


This webinar qualifies for 1.5 CCEUS in resource development


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Places are Limited!

Payment details will be provided upon registration.

Investment $30 for International registrations, LBP 75,000 for ICF Lebanon coaches, LBP 100,000 for registrations from Lebanon.





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