Marianna Lead (MCC)

To all you professional coaches out there, this webinar is just for You!

Interactive webinar by ICF assessor Marianna Lead (MCC)

It's one thing to know the Core Competencies and it's another to truly understand, interpret and apply them holistically in your coaching sessions. In this interactive workshop, Marianna Lead (MCC), an experienced ICF assessor, will share her knowledge, answer your questions and raise your coaching skill level. Definitely plan on registering to this workshop if you are planning to submit your coaching recording for ICF evaluation and/or of you want to take your coaching skills to the next level.

Marianna Lead (MCC) is the founder and Executive Director of Goal Imagery Institute/ International School of Coaching Mastery, a leading global provider of ICF accredited Coach Training programs. Her holistic Life, Career and Executive coach training is taught in 6 languages around the world. Twice elected President of the ICF-NYC Chapter and an experienced ICF Credentialing Assessor since 2008, she taught many courses at New York University. Her impressive list of clients includes a wide range of corporations, business leaders, entertainers, NGOs and government agencies.

This webinar qualifies for 1.5 CCEUS

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Payment details will be provided upon registration.

Investment $20 for International registrations, $5 for ICF Lebanon members (payable in LBP at the daily rate), $10 for non-ICF members residing in Lebanon. (payable in LBP at the daily rate)

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