Merci Miglino (MCC)

Merci Miglino (MCC) 
Wednesday 17 November 2021

"How to master the 30-minute session”

For the past 20 years, Merci Miglino (MCC) has run a successful coaching practice and conducts trainings and coaching for numerous organizations. She has recently launched her ICF Credential Prep course.
Educated as a teacher she has worked as a journalist, a paralegal and a communications director for the New York State Legislature.
Merci Miglino is also the author of an inspiring book on life and business changing impact titled "From Doormat to Diva: Taking center stage in your life".

Through this 90 minutes interactive training and mentoring experience, participants discovered 7 steps one needs to master effective and impactful 30-minute session, especially in the time-compromised workspace. Merci Miglino had creatively embedded in this webinar all the information from her credential seeking experience to support all coaches in reaching their fullest potential with ICF rigor and professionalism. 

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