Tatiana Selskaya (ACC)

To all you professional coaches, leaders and managers out there, this webinar is just for You!

"Thinking and Coaching through Uncertainty”

Uncertainty is always around the corner, now more than ever. And although it comes in different shapes and forms, from external shocks to inner doubts, people's reaction is similar: we stumble. Many coaching requests originate from the clients' need to navigate through uncertainty with more clarity and confidence. As a coach, it is important to have a toolkit for dealing with uncertainty. Tatiana Sleskaya will share hers.

Tatiana Sleskaya assembled those ideas during her 11-year bumpy ride through South Asia and the Middle East as an expat project manager and strategy consultant, and tested them as a coach with business clients in economically turbulent Russia.

In the Webinar Tatiana will talk about how to identify and scope uncertainty, what are the different strategies for dealing with it, and what questions you can ask your clients to build on those strategies.

Tatiana Sleskayais an ICF certified coach (ACC) with management consulting background. In her previous role she managed projects for McKinsey & Company as a part of corporate and government transformation programs. As a coach she continues serving business leaders on strategically important topics. She holds MBA from INSEAD and teaches Management Decision Making in the Lomonosov Moscow State University.She was chosen as a speaker in the last ICF Converge Conference in October 2021.

This webinar qualifies for 0.5 CCEU in Core Competencies and 1 CCEU in Resource Development

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