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Ghada Yared

Email [email protected]
Phone +(961) 3 313213
Website www.wonderlustcoaching.life 

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«FEAR has 2 meanings: ForgetEverything And Run or FaceEverything And Rise. The choice is yours.»

My name is Ghada Yared. I live in sunny Lebanon after having grown up in Europe where I studied throughout school and college years. My Oriental and European heritages have been precious gifts that allowed me to embrace a rich melting pot of cultures, not to mention 3 fluently spoken languages (Arabic, French and English) and an insatiable appetite for people.


My professional life reflects my curiosity and varied interests: Before becoming an ICF certified ADHD and FAMILY Coach, I’ve studied Law and Mediation, worked in Real Estate, managed a jewelry business, an art gallery, volunteered in NGOs involving children. I am passionate about learning new things and adding memories to my life album.


I love family, the charming mess and joyful atmosphere of reunions where generations share tales and experiences. As a mom, over the years, I found myself having enlightening conversations with fellow parents, youngsters and teachers about the challenges involved in helping children reach their full potential and their testimonials resonated deeply in me.

Through training students in schools all over Lebanon around conflict resolution and positive communication, I have found a real reward in watching people grow!


I am passionate about empowering adults, students and families to design the lives they want to lead and uncover their incredible talents.

As for my ADHD and FAMILY specialties, they allow me to coach my clients from a true understanding of how Attention, Distractibility and Executive Function challenges impact each person and provide them with personalized strategies and structures.




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