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Jennifer Saliba

Profession Certified Essential Life Coach

I am a Certified Essential Life Coach, The founder of The Coaching Boutique and the creator of AAA life coaching formula.
Studying between Lebanon and France, I graduated with a double Specialized Master Degree in Tourism and Events Management and Mass Catering Management.
Strongly believing that the meaning of life is a life of meaning, my journey of self discovery and my thirst to a fulfilling life led me to make the shift from being a tourist guide to becoming a life one.
A lover of wine and a mother of two cupcake-eating boys, I believe that the duty of each and every human is to unleash his full potential and to live a mindful, joyous life. I strongly advocate the right and duty of every woman to live an orgasmic, rich, empowering story. Her right to choose, to grow, to love and above all to live at her own terms.
We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to the universe.
Deep down in my core, I am a grateful life lover, poet and coach, in that order.

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