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Joe Chahwan

Profession HR Consultant - Learning & Development Specialist
Email [email protected]
Phone 0096171603130







"You are an outstanding person and you deserve a proper skill development that will help you be all that you can be". This is what I truly believe in, and it's what drove me into the always exciting world of talent development at an early age. 

I prepare people navigate in the professional corporate world, trained till present 3500+ eager to learn individuals.

My individual clients learn how to define, articulate - and then market their personal career brand. I also conduct workshops and lead courses for people in a wide range of industries at different stage of their career path - from those who've just graduated school to people who have been in the workforce for a period and are re-careering.

My goal is to match your need with the appropriate learning experience and support you to attain your desired goal.

Dedicated Human Resources Professional bringing over thirteen years of expertise in benefits administration, recruitment, staff training and development. Talented in bridging gaps between labor forces and management to achieve objectives. Driven and decisive with passion for building and retaining highly effective teams.

Always remember, you need to invest in yourself and develop your abilities to make a special mark in this competitive world. 

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