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Joumana Mansour

Profession Stress Management Specialist, Certified Personal Growth Coach
Location American University of Beirut Medical Center(AUBMC)- Hamra
Email [email protected]
Phone 00961 (70) 407038
Website www.journey-of-you.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/journeyofyou/
LinkedIn Joumana Mansour

Joumana is a certified life and wellness coach, personal growth coach, Yoga instructor,  nutritionist, and Reiki practitioner. Joumana is the First and Only Life Coach at the American University of Beirut Medical Center "AUBMC”. Joumana is a board Member of ICF ( International Coach federation, Lebanon Chapter). Drawing on her extensive experience that spans nearly two decades of learning and teaching in the United States and Lebanon, Joumana will guide you to find your inner peace and live your true potential as you embark on a holistic healing journey to bring balance, health, success and prosperity to your life. 

Driven by the passion for a deeper sense of self understanding, Joumana also strives to discover and comprehend the key elements that create a joyful and gratifying life, she is currently in the process of finishing her advanced internship in Transpersonal Psychology with the wellness institute in the United States. Inspired by her own life experience, and utilizing the knowledge that she has acquired through the hundreds of hours of training in Yoga, nutrition, life coaching, meditation, healing, and personal transformation intensive education, Joumana offers a well-rounded selection of services to nurture mind, body and soul to help you walk the path of true healing and transformation.

Joumana coaches individuals and groups, and also participates in corporate seminars that teach employees the art of relaxation, stress management and personal growth  that leads to higher emotional intelligence and effective leadership. Joumana helps you in eliminating obstacles that have prevented you from fully living the kind of satisfying life that you aspire to live! 

Do you lack balance and direction in your life?
• Are you overwhelmed with feelings of sadness or anxiety?

• Do you desire inner peace and a sense of fulfillment?
• Do you want to define what is truly important to you?
• Do you want to learn how to master your life? 

If you answer "yes” to one or more of the above questions, it’s time to take inspired action! 

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