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Lara Daniel

Profession Life coach - Youth Resilience coach
Email [email protected]
Phone +961 (71) 258582 or +971 (58) 804 1778
Website www.uthcoaching.com
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/uth_coaching/
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/lara-daniel-59051817/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Uth-coaching-100851672451900

I retired following 22 years of hard work and dedication in the hospitality industry, advertising, marketing, public relations, communication, corporate social responsibility & the social media fields as nothing felt fulfilling, satisfying or rewarding after all these years and areas of expertise. I have come out of the gloomy 2020 & 2021 with a resolution to serve and be served, yes I invested all I can on enriching my body and soul with everything that I had "put on hold” and began a new journey of coaching to be able to make some difference in Lebanon, especially with the youth who ever needed support. Today I am fulfilled, satisfied and rewarded every time I end a coaching session and see the progress my client has made even through "baby steps” – quoted by one of my coachees. 

I have a certification from the Youth Coaching Institute, being a Life Coach and a Youth Resilience Coach is a duty that I will withhold dearly to be able to help you or your adolescent children tap into many areas in their life such as: confidence, family, relationships, fear, motivation, problem solving, stress, career, and capitalize on your strength to achieve your goals and conquer furthermore. Let’s talk!

Elevator pitch - I have been there, done that and I feel you. When I was a young adult I didn’t want to miss on anything happening, yes I was juggling with endless activities, awesome experiences, close and not-so-close relationships, university life & studies, and a hardcore job while giving it a 100% each time. As a young adult you are / will be overwhelmed by what’s happening inside you and around you, even when you think that you own the world sometimes opportunities pass you by. And that’s why as your coach I will walk with you through all your good and bad, so you can create the journey that YOU and only YOU choose, and never miss a chance to grow beyond yourself. Call me.


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