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Lina Cherry

Profession Relationship Life Coach
Location Koraytem - Beirut
Email [email protected]
Phone +9613864445
Website Coachmastersacademy.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lina.cherry.182/
Instagram @innershift_
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/lina-cherry-448975159/
Quote/Elevator pitch* "Every wall is a door”

Lina is the founder of Inner Shift.  She started her career in coaching by working with a large number of private and corporate clients. Her passion for helping others can be traced to her pre-coaching days. With an educational background in Journalism and having worked in public relations, she always felt engaged in listening and assisting people with their social and personal problems. With the spread of awareness of life coaching in the Middle East, she decided to acquire a coaching certificate. She obtained the ACC level (Associate Certified Coach), and consequently pursued the advanced PCC level (Professional Certified Coach) & there after completed the Mastery Level Training.

During this journey Lina worked with clients of all facets of life, partnering with them to enable them to experience powerful shifts in their thinking and inspire them to use their innate capacity to reach their goals.  With her private clients she specialized in women, helping them to lead healthy relationships and overcome old negative patterns, by strengthening and raising their self-confidence and self-value and attracting the healthy relationships they have always wanted.  With adolescents and young adults, Lina worked with her clients on resolving challenges related to self-esteem, goal setting, growth, and self-development.


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