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Manal Naboulsi

Profession Career & Life Coach
Email [email protected]
Phone +9613646095
Website: thecoachingloungelb
Facebook www.thecoachinglounge.net
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Quote I am a Certified Life and Career Coach who works with teens & adults to help align their personal vision with the commitments of their career and personal lives. Clients work with me to have a breakthrough in their personal effectiveness as they uncover their limiting paradigms and enhance their ability to live an exceptional life.I coach people who want to change and improve their life, be it personal, emotional, professional and physical, and who need the structure, accountability, and expert advice and support of a coach to get there. Enlisting the assistance of a life coach will help steer your life in your desired direction. By helping you commit to your own personal transformation, you will be able to unleash the powerful authentic you, the YOU that's hidden inside.

Dr. Manal Naboulsi is a Co-Owner and member of the Board of Trustees at the American University of Culture and Education –AUCE, Beirut Lebanon, and Owner of The Coaching Lounge, Beirut Lebanon.

She holds a Ph.D. in Business Management from the International School of Management (ISM) Paris; in addition to that she also has over 17 years of experience in the academic field, and an added certification and expertise in quality assurance and assessment, as well as in PR & communication skills.

Dr. Manal Naboulsi is a certified Career and Life coach from the International Coaching Council (ICC) and a certified NLP practitioner from CCNLP, and a member of the International Coach federation -ICF.

Dr. Naboulsi’s coaching approach will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of life and to make the changes you long for in order to eliminate the obstacles ahead and attain your own personal transformation.


Career Coach: Meet your business goals / Improve career satisfaction / Transition to a fulfilling career / student orientation on career path

Teens Coaching: Academic success / Increase confidence / Powerful communication / Healthy Habits

Emotional and Physical Well-being: Overcome anxiety, stress & worries / Avoid negative self-talk / Lose weight and gain energy / Develop healthy habits

People and Relationships: Shape the best relation with family, friends & partner / Learn effective communication /Connect with people

Personal growth: Develop self-esteem / Improve confidence / Set goals / Balance work-life / Bring creativity to life / Realize your true potential / Time management and procrastination

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