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Marie-Therese Bassil

Profession Empowering Women - Executive coaching
Location Ashrafiyeh - Beirut
Email [email protected]
Phone +961 3 133811
LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/in/marie-therese-bassil/
Quote/Elevator pitch* Be powerful like stones & fresh inside out...
I am a certified professional Co-active Coach with an additional experience in sales and management for a period of 25 years.

My strength is related to my authenticity and integrity, I am proud of these values and I consider them essences in my life in general and in my coaching journey in specific.

I do believe that every person is born with a huge potential and unfortunately it remains uncovered due to life circumstances, society dictation, family impact on childhood, religion misinterpretation and country culture.
When our potential and life purpose are not clear, our values will not be honored and our emotions will remain unstable.
We are mainly hijacked by the daily small issues and we consequently forget to explore about our real core and essence that can take us to completely another satisfying direction.

My life purpose is to empower my clients and accompany them to discover their potentials and reaching their dreams and goals; by that I am contributing somehow to humanity gratification and happiness even if on a small scale.

Let us stop being controlled by your negative emotions!
And stop looking to ourselves as weak creatures!
And stop thinking that life is our enemy!
Remember the identity of our DESTINY is so affected by our Negative or Positive THOUGHTS!


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