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Mirna Raslan

Profession Education leadership
Location Hazmieh
Email [email protected]
Phone 71370707



LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mirna-raslan-9596a818/

The development of education starts with the development of educators! In 3 years, I was able to develop in my current job from a part-time teacher to a school principal. I believed in myself and in my abilities. I was able to make things happen for my school, my students and my teachers. Today, I can coach struggling school leaders and frustrated educators who want to make a difference in their organization and in their communities. I can help you find out the strength needed to become the irreplaceable educator who can engage students, and help them achieve their potential or the amazing school leader who can lead their organization on the path to excellence. If like me, you believe that Education is the only way for humans to improve the world, then I can help you capitalize on this belief!


Mirna is a dynamic, experienced school principal with over 10 years of leadership experience. She leads by putting the values of integrity, creativity and accountability at the heart of leadership and modelling the core leadership behaviors of setting direction, engaging people and delivering outcomes. Mirna’s goal is to help reform the education systems in schools, through a strong understanding of the local, national and international educational landscape, including delivering tailored support for improvement, by creating learning communities, developing student leaders and creating inclusive global classrooms. Mirna is an International Baccalaureate educator. She is a is a firm supporter of young educators who can lead the change in the world. She is also a believer in social justice and hopes to achieve good Social Justice leadership in Lebanese schools. As a school principal Mirna works with her team at developing agency in the young generation and a feeling of belonging that will hopefully lead to creating a proactive collaborative culture that can bring about the change needed to create a "better more peaceful world”.

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