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Nada Kaddah

Profession Certified professional life coach (life, family and relation coach)
Email [email protected]
Phone 03694288




Coach Nada Kaddah is a socio-educational consultant, holder of a teaching Diploma in sociology and a master's degree in Educational Management and Planning. She is a certified trainer of trainers at the Canadian Training center of Human Develop-ment, NLP practitioner and a certified professional life coach specialized in ylife, family and relationship coaching.
Throughout her experience in the field of education and human relations, she fo-cused on being useful for herself and for others as well, she also inspired and moti-vated her clients and students to make a vital change in their lives and have the best version of themselves.
She is ready to help her clients go through the journey of recovery, awareness, dis-covery, building, development and self- realization in order to encourage them grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
She aims to release their inner energy so that they can orient their life based on what they really want, to become more balanced, stable and have enough self-love.
Her clients will be able to develop more skills and find the correct tools in order to achieve healthy, happy and successful relations which boosts their self-esteem.
Your life will only change when you decide to change it.

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