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Nada Youssef

Profession Well-being coach - Coach Masters academy
Email [email protected]
Phone 9613310050
LinkedIn http://linkedin.com/in/nada-youssef-achour-28027b130

"I am a mother of four children. I pursued my education while raising them and I succeeded in completing a Bachelor’s degree in Management, and a Master’s in Business Administration. I am also a Well-being coach. Self-development and improvement are my strengths. I strive to support my family and my friends to improve their career and their skills, so they can achieve their desired goals for a better quality of life. I decided to pursue well-being coaching because I believe, especially these days, that stress, burnout, chronic illness, and modified lifestyles are affecting people in many ways.
Both adults and youth need to be empowered in different periods of their lives to overcome difficulties and maximize their potential to reach positive growth.
This can be achieved by providing individuals with the right tools. First by gaining self-awareness and having clarity to set  SMART goals that are specific and attainable. All of these actions enable the coachee to cope better with stress and hopefully overcome it.
Succeeding in all the necessary steps is proven to improve their mental, and physical health.
I believe that with the coach’s support and commitment of the coachee, we can change what we want, when we want, and how we want to improve one’s quality of life."

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