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Nancy Farhat

Profession Certified Life Coach / University Life Coach
Location Lebanon
Email [email protected]
Phone 0096171777213



Since my early beginnings I had a mission in life, that it to empower and motivate others to achieve what they want in life, whether it’s career, education, personal, or even financial. I aim to help people achieve, advance and reach their highest potentials in order to enjoy a purposeful and abundant life.

I like to think of myself as a magician with many tools, from One-on-One Coaching, Group Coaching, and Professional Training Workshops. I simply make it happen.

My path wasn’t easy. I faced many challenges that I overcame and I pushed myself beyond all limits to achieve success. From Middle East Airlines (MEA) to Pharmaceutical Sales, and finally pursuing my passion in Life Coaching and receiving accreditation. I am relentless and fearless, and this is the energy that I transfer to others.

I aim to inspire people from my personal experiences and challenges, to motivate them so they can achieve their goals, search for more fulfilling life and reach their highest potential.

As a woman, I give high priority for women empowerment in a society that puts pressure on us and throws obstacles in our ways. Together we can conquer.

University life coaching is also one of my main fields, to help students set their life plan and achieve what they aspire.

I give special courses on business and career life coaching to help entrepreneurs expand their business, get clarity on their life's goals, and achieve balance between work and personal life.

In few words: I am a Life Coach.


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