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Nayla Baraki

Profession Life Coach - Author - Women empowerment
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Nayla Baraki




I am an author with 13 years of experience in writing articles and books. 
I am a journalist. I wrote several articles and featured stories for the Daily Star newspaper and Al Iktissad wal-aamal magazine.  
I wrote and published a poetry book in English Language. I also created and published "My Life Planner" which is an agenda with life coaching tips and tools. 

I am a certified Life Coach, and my niche is "Women Empowerment". I help women heal and transform from desperation and weakness to optimism and empowerment. I provide techniques and tools that aid women in their own healing process to live a healthy, happy, peaceful, and successful life. I encourage women to strive for the desired path, set and reach their personal and professional goals.

I never hesitate to support women in any possible way, so I joined "Committee for Women Political Empowerment".
I was also a part of the "Teaching Women English” program that was organized and funded by the American Embassy of Beirut, as part of women empowerment. I taught these ambitious women the English language so they earn a certificate and become eligible for applying to jobs that requires good spoken and written English. 

Writing and Life Coaching are the essence of my life and the source of my ultimate happiness and creativity. My love and passion for these two fields bring out all the creativity and potential that I have within me.

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