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Nayla Moudaber

Profession Life coach, Transitional and Relationship coach,ACC
Location Kaslik
Email [email protected]
Facebook Nayla Moudaber
Quote ‘If you don’t like how things are, change it. You are not a tree’ Jin Rohn.

Assist individuals get in touch with their inner resources, connect with them, and examine support possibilities that will allow them to move forward. I believe each individual is capable of enacting positive change in his or her life and thus my focus is on providing a safe and responsive environment within which positive change can occur.

Relationships, divorce and divorce recovery are particularly close to my heart as I have been personally through it and thankfully came out the other side with a very positive outcome. Coaching is a modern tool, which I believe when combined and applied with empathy and focus can make the seemingly impossible possible, alleviating procrastination by treating the underlying symptoms, which are the cause of undesirable feelings. I use a solution-focused process, which leads each individual into taking his/her action/steps at his/her own pace whilst always maintaining positive forward momentum.

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