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Nayla Yazbeck

Profession Life Coach, Youth Coach
Location Hazmieh Said Freiha Street Lamartine center 4th floor
Email nayla.yazbeck@gmail.com
Phone +961 (3) 551750
Facebook nayla.yazbeck
LinkedIn nayla-yazbeck-baa47650
Quote I offer a safe and non-judgmental space to help and motivate young people and adults use their best resources to achieve their goals and live the life they aspire to.

Nayla Sioufi Yazbeck is a passionate and dedicated professional life coach who helps young people and adults create their optimal life vision and step into it.

She initially studied audiovisual sciences and graduated from the IESAV Institute at Saint Joseph University in Beirut, after which she worked in a major production house as editor and assistant director for documentaries and advertisements.

The challenges that Nayla met in the course of raising her three children and her innate passion for the infinite potential of the human mind led her to discover the world of coaching and its unlimited power.

Nayla considered this discovery as a turning point in her life and looked for the most recognized ICF (International Coach Federation) certified institutions to learn the "art and science of coaching”.

She graduated as a certified professional coach from the Vancouver based Erickson Coaching International School, https://erickson.edu and then specialized in youth coaching with Mozaik International in Paris http://www.mozaik.fr.

She then established her practice in Beirut and became certified by the ICF as an ACC (Associate Certified Coach).

This academic curriculum, combined with her unwavering dedication have allowed Nayla to coach numerous teenagers and adults, individually or in groups, towards their self-fulfillment and the optimization of their potential.