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Nizar El Joukhadar

Profession Transformative Coach - Voice Activator - Certified from Coach Masters Academy - ICF Accredited (ACC)
Email [email protected]
Phone 78890188


Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/TalkwithNiz


I am an ICF Accredited and Certified Life Coach with hundreds of coaching sessions. I work closely with my clients by guiding them into a holistic transformational journey where they reach their objectives, develop their mindsets, design a roadmap to reach their goals and execute their plans through one to one or group sessions.
Singing as a healing tool is my specialty in which I guide my clients in a journey of discovering themselves, increasing their level of confidence, self-esteem and selflove. The voice activation tool can lead into breakthroughs to any obstacles or pain an individual passes through. 
Guided Imagery Meditation (GIM) is my second specialty in which the client is taken on a meditative journey where they think of an imaginary and peaceful place using their 5 senses, aiming to calm their minds.
"Walking Coaching” is also a tool I use in my session. It involves coaching clients in nature and aims to connect the person with the natural surroundings where it has great benefits on anxiety, stress, and depression. 

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