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Rana El Saadi

Profession youth coach
Email [email protected]
Phone 00961-76-727909

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I am passionate about empowering women to Put Themselves First and align their goals with their true heart’s desire and have developed several coaching packages to address their daily challenges and needs.

In addition, I am a youth coach and love sharing the wisdom gained from my life experience to help kids/youth develop at an early stage the skills needed to navigate life challenges’ and be equipped with a repertoire of skills needed to achieve success.

I acquired my experience and skills through assuming various leadership roles in the Finance Department in Beirut, Iraq, and Dubai. My first coaching experience started when I hired an executive coach to guide me when I assumed a new challenging role. The coaching experience shed light on the root cause of my challenges. It ignited my interest in attaining my NLP Master Practitioner Certification from ABNLP and NLP Coaching for excellence.

At the same time, I embarked on a journey of expanding my knowledge and exploring the soul-mind-body connection, and its effect on our lives. As I started taking a holistic view on life, I felt being a coach was a more rewarding career path through which I could help women and youth tap into their inner wisdom.

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