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Rana Jammoul

Profession Relationship Coach & Consultant
Location Lebanon and UAE
Email [email protected]
Phone 0096171 404720

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Building healthy Relationships with self, the other and the Divine is a key to a peaceful life


Rana Jammoul, Relationship Coach and Consultant, is a member of the Institute ESPERE® International. She is a stimulating communicator that aims to enlighten individuals and facilitate their insights about relationships, both personal and professional. She believes that the key to a balanced life is to gain an understanding of the self, the other and the world’s surroundings. This motivates individuals to acquire tools to enhance their communication skills and the quality of their relationships.

She has a track-record in developing and delivering programs tailored to individuals and professionals’ needs. Through her innovative and interactive approach, participants are given the opportunity to share their experiences in a dynamic way. Both workshops and individual sessions are offered in Arabic, English and French, and are based on various methodologies:

·Co-active Coaching

·Organizational & Relationship System Coaching-ORSC

·Neuro Linguistic Programming- NLP

·Méthode ESPERE®

As a Lebanese American University (LAU) graduate with a Masters’ degree in Business Management, Rana transitioned from a career-oriented professional to a full-time mother. Afterwards, she operated as a consultant and then ventured into managing her own company. Rana finally established herself in becoming a Relationship Coach and Consultant. This journey of more than 26 years has enriched her with a diverse professional experience in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. Her in-depth understanding of relationships makes her committed to support herself, as well as other individuals and professionals to smoothly navigate their own life journeys.