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Reem Al-Assaf

Profession Coactive Coach, Niche: Personal Growth Coach
Location Beirut, Lebanon
Email [email protected]
Phone 00961 (3) 199997

In my society, there are certain limitations that one should abide by to fit in. At a certain point, I reached a place where I could Not put my own needs And wants first as those around me would consider it selfish. When I started reading about co-active coaching, I felt Like it could give me the means to expand my thinking beyond what those around me expect And do what feels right for myself. The more I dug into life-coaching the more I became certain that that was what I wanted to do. Throughout my journey to becoming a certified life coach, I became able to put myself first while still caring about those around me. At this stage, I am looking forward to sharing my experience with others And empowering them And allowing them to see that they are capable of overcoming all of life's obstacles, finding their own happiness and living their lives to the fullest.

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