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Rima Itani

Profession Life Leadership Co-Active Coach - CPCC
Email [email protected]
Phone 00961 (76) 176 854
Facebook @CoachRima
LinkedIn rima-itani-629b1016
Quote "What lies behind us And what lies before us are small matters compared To what lies within us. And When we bring what Is within us out into the world, miracles happen."

Ralph Waldo-Emerson


To ignite the Inner Life Leader of individuals and raise conscious awareness starting within my own community.

Education/Training Completion:

CTI Co-Active leadership program (10 mo period with 4 wk retreats)

CPCC -International Coaching Federation (ICF) 6-mo certification program

CTI Co-Active coaching program (5 workshops)

MBA -Masters in Business Administration

B.Sc -Nutrition and dietetics


1. One-on-One Co-Active Coaching for self-awareness and self-development

2. Inner Leadership training workshops

My Story:

I have been working in the field of dietetics for almost seven years, but what interested me the most was the strong connection I felt with my clients. I loved pleasantly surprising them by tackling their health issues from a different perspective; a perspective that brought about real understanding and compassion for themselves and what they wanted. Realizing this, I decided I needed something more for my career. This is when I discovered the Coaching Training Institute (CTI) and coaching.

Co-active coaching didn’t only change my career: it helped me raise my awareness about myself, live by that awareness, and keep going for what I truly want in my journey of life. This is especially true as my roles changed from being a single woman, to being a spouse and a parent of three beautiful children. This awareness and self growth is what I want to offer to you; a chance to tackle your life worries and life decisions in a whole new light true to yourself. Become the true leader of your life, and from here miracles happen!

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