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Roberto Moussi

Profession Transformational Coaching
Location Beirut Lebanon
Email [email protected]
Phone 00961 (3) 228 997
Website robertomoussi.com
Facebook Roberto.moussi
Quote When you shit, everything will shift

My name is Roberto Moussi. I am an accredited Life Coach and member of the International Coach Federation. I also certify people in many healing modalities such as Access Bars™ and ThetaHealing™.
Through my Transformational Coaching my clients will be able to shift anything they are struggling with, make changes effortlessly and choose what works for them with ease.

In the coaching process, the client will discover:
- The disempowering patterns he is falling into that are controlling his life
- The point of views he has attached himself to that are creating the problem
- How he has made himself to be the issue
- And finally, the tools that would allow him to BE!

Transformational Coaching is about shifting your attitudes towards YOU that is creating all your limitations. When you shift, everything will shift.

If you are looking to totally open up yourself to life, to willingly let go of all your judgments and to fearlessly receive everything as a contribution (including you), then this type of coaching is for you.

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