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Rola Sheikh

Profession Holistic Life Coach , Energy Healer
Location Beirut (on weekdays) and Tripoli (on weekends)
Email [email protected]
Phone 71332010


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rola.sheikh.1 





I believe that enhancing self-empowerment and self-love is the most important catalyst to help any life process in moving forward.


Rola Sheikh is a Holistic Life Coach, Trainer, and Energy Healer.


In addition to being a Certified Coach, Rola has specialized in Human Development Sciences, Consciousness Building Programs, Neuro-linguistic Programming, as well as diverse Energy Healing Modalities.


As a Life Coach, Rola aims to show people that the keys to happiness, abundance, inner peace, and self-fulfillment are all in their own hands, despite any external circumstances.


As an Energy Healer, Rola follows a Holistic approach that takes into account the social, mental, spiritual, and physical factors of any circumstance, condition, or ailment.


Prior to pursuing Holistic Coaching as a career, Rola enjoyed over 17 years of experience in the field of "Health, Safety, and the Environment” both in the public and private sectors. She worked as a Project Manager with the United Nations Development Program, and previously was a Chief of Service in the Ministry of Environment whereby she gained an extensive national and international experience in the fields of Energy, Health, Environment, and Sustainability.


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