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Samar Samaha Habert

Profession Life Coach
Location Hazmieh Mar Takla
Email samarhabert@gmail.com
Phone 00961 (3) 641 416
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Quote "We are Not coaching For a problem To be solved…
We are coaching For a life To be lived" Jim Patterson

Everybody is entitled to live a fulfilled, purposeful life.

Samar Samaha Haber is a co-active Life Coach. She holds a Master’s degree in Languages and Civilizations from the Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III University.
Given her father’s occupation she’s spent all her youth living on different continents which gave her exposure to several cultures and languages resulting in her high level of tolerance towards others and deep interest in human complexity and diversity which lead her to complete an internship at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.
Prior to becoming a coach, she taught English for over 13 years and gave public speaking classes to high school students. As the school’s public relation and head of the cultural events she was in charge of the coordination of projects and conferences. She performed as master of ceremony given her communication skills.
Through teaching and mentoring young people, she developed a deep sense of empathy as well as strong listening aptitude.
Today, aside from raising her three children, she gives life coaching workshops and does one on one coaching.
She is a member of the International Coach Federation, Lebanon chapter and a member of the National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming.