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Sandra Haddad

Profession Business Consultant - Certified Facilitator and Trainer - EQ Coach - Resilience Coach
Email [email protected]
Phone +961 3 96 77 55
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/sandra-haddad-16695820
Instagram @sandrashaddad
Website www.tandemrunner.com
A natural-born leader, problem solver, and empathetic listener, Sandra is the modern-day, multitasking person. Her passion lies in  helping individuals and businesses fullfil their utmost potential. Combining her 18 years of work experience and her strong belief in  the need for a human-based approach in the workplace, she has  become a certified Emotional Intelligence coach, consultant and  trainer, creating Tandem Runner in the process. 

Sandra holds a BA in Hospitality and Tourism Management from NDU as well as multiple certificates for business training and EQ workshops, including a TOT certification with ISTD. She is an EQ coach, consultant and trainer with Six Seconds and an active member of the Lebanese League of Woman in Business, to name but a few. Her many years of experience helped her widen her scope of interaction with people, deal with various challenges, and improve her communication and leadership skills and overcome all kinds of  challenges. 

As her work philosophy is results-oriented and carried out by coherent team work, she developed training and coaching skills. Over the last few years she focused more on coaching, consulting and facilitating with both startups and SMEs and helped multinational organization in restructuring and cultural transformation.

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