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Sandra Yazbeck Farah

Profession Executive and Mental Fitness Coach - ACC
Email [email protected]
Phone + 961 3910 989


Sandra is a professional certified coach, credentialed ACC from ICF, specialized in executive coaching, mental fitness coaching, as well as neurosciences in coaching. Her passion for teaching, and training, naturally enhanced her talent in young adults coaching. With extensive experience in educational and organization consulting, in varied international contexts, she specialized in the training of trainers in world languages in addition to multilingual schoolbooks publishing for the MENA region. An extensive corporate experience as a leader gave her the tools to accompany executives and middle management employees towards a better work-life balance, conflict resolution, impostor syndrome and management styles, among other topics. Sandra is passionate about personal development, especially with professionals struggling with constant changes in the world. She also accompanies her clients through life transitions and career moves.

Individual and group coaching experience: 
Sandra is based today in Beirut, ang coaches internationally in three languages: English, Arabic and French. She gives support for executives, middle managers, and young adults in cocreating personal development plans, and in skill management, through:
• Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching: 360 assessment, EQ assessment, stress management, work-life balance, managing relationships amongst team members, impostor syndrome, management styles, conflict management, someone else has to change, managing and organizing time, self-confidence, motivation, values, beliefs, selfesteem… 
• Mental Fitness Coaching: recognizing your saboteurs, shifting the balance in your mind, experiencing immediate and sustained improvements in both your wellbeing and performance.
• Young Adults and Life Transitions Coaching: motivation and engagement at university or work, self-confidence, strategies of concentration, organization, time management, stress management and orientation, academic choices, first job, taking up a new job…

Other professional experience:
• Professional trainer in education and personal development.
• Editorial director of the schoolbooks department – Hachette Antoine (Negotiating and publishing for the MENA region). 
• On the board of ICF Synergie. 
• On the Board of ICF Lebanon Charter Chapter: Director of credentialing support. 
• EMCC Member.

Diplomas and professional certifications: 
Sandra holds a master’s degree in Train the trainers in languages and cultures (Sorbonne University – Paris III). She holds a Master Coach Certification from the International Coaching Institute of Geneva as well as an NLP practitioner coach certification (ICI Geneva). She also holds an Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach certification from John Mattone. She is specialized in Young Adults Coaching as well as Neurosciences and Coaching (MHD Formation - Paris). Sandra is also a certified EQ-i2.0 et EQ 360 practitioner which enables her to approach her partnerships with clients from an emotional intelligence perspective and debrief EQ 360 assessments.
• Associate Certified Coach from International Coaching Federation 
• Coaching in Organizations Certification, SolutionsAcademy, Level 2 • Certified Master Coach from the International Coaching Institute of Geneva
• NLP practitioner (ICI Geneva) 
• Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach, John Mattone 
• Positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness Coach, Shirzad Chamine 
• Neurosciences and Coaching (MHD Formation - Paris) 
• EQ-i2.0 & EQ 360 - EI Certification, Dr Relly Nadler (MHS) 
• iLead John Maxwell Youth Leadership Program Ambassador 
• DEA (M2) in French literature and civilization (Sorbonne University – Paris III) 
• DESS (M2) Train the trainers in languages and cultures (Sorbonne University – Paris III) 
• Teaching languages and cultures diploma (Sorbonne University – Paris III)

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