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Tatiana F Kutteh

Profession Women empowerment | Relationship Management
Location Hamra, Makdisi street, Matta building (LIBANPOST), 4th floor, Room 401. Beirut, Lebanon
Email [email protected]
Phone +961 3 382 730 | +961 1 746 739
Website www.tatianakutteh.com
Facebook tatiana.kutteh
Quote "Aspire and Inspire, this is who I am. Serve with love; this is what I do...” Tatiana F. Kutteh

Tatiana pursued a master’s degree in public administration with a minor in psychology at AUB. Tatiana’s passion for skills and techniques of self-development inspired her to shift path and aspire to obtain a certification in life coaching in 2011, after being an executive trainer and leader in her previous jobs. In 2014, she obtained another certificate in neurolinguistic programming. She assumed the role of the Vice President of the International Coach Federation (The Lebanon Chapter) till April 2018, and still is an active member in ICF and many other NGO’s.


Tatiana has been a regular weekly host at the OTV morning show (Yawm Jdid) since 2015 and ongoing, and previously at the LBCSAT, Future TV, and many other local and International TV and radio channels.


Her main focus is on women empowerment and relationship management. Since her followers were inspired by the image and the content that was demonstrated during her TV emissions, they aspired to be a better version of themselves as well! Her fervor evolved as she dealt with more clients asserting their choice in having her as their life coach. They appreciated Tatiana not only as an adaptable and dedicated life coach towards her career, but also a confident woman who had overcome many challenges, taken risks, learned from losses, and fought for what she believed. This life coach, despite her belief in herself, is a lifelong learner.


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