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Wafaa Abdallah

Profession Growth Mindset Coach - Personal Performance Coach
Email [email protected]
Phone +961 71 332 334
Website www.wafaaabdallah.com
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Wafaa is a Growth Mindset Coach & NLP Practitioner. The Art of Living an Extraordinary Life is her mission. She inspired many people of different backgrounds and cultures who face chal-lenges and setbacks to prosper and progress in their lives. Combining her skills and techniques, she significantly empowered her clients to harness the power of their minds, overcome limita-tions that prevent them from pursuing their ambitions and help accelerate clients’ performance with a higher sense of enjoyment, fulfilment, and success. 

She believes that "Problems are Unsolved Opportunities" where we may invest in attaining success; and that everyone in this world is competent. These beliefs drive her to present her best self to each coaching interaction; she is "client-focused," allowing for the flourishing of creativity and collaboration in a coaching context. She is attuned to her intuition and her cli-ent's aspirations. Her effective questioning & listening skills helped her tap into her client's re-siliency.

Her positivity, authenticity, and commitment to her clients are evident throughout the first coaching session. In her 1:1 online coaching program, "Embrace Your Success", she helps clients Release, Reset and Reconnect with their actual selves and overcomes limitations in many areas of their lives.

Wafaa’s passion for reading, meeting new people and exploring new cultures reflects her curi-osity about pursuing Continual Professional Education, almost qualifying her other two diplo-mas in "Small Business Coaching” & "Coaching in Education”. On the other hand, she is the mother of two and a sister of twelve. Her zest for life inspired her to make eco-friendly Hand-crafted Scented Candles. 

"Whether you believe you CAN or you CAN’T, either way You are right”. ~ Henry Ford

I empower people to be their best selves, optimize their performance, and progress in their lives. I assist people in living and leading various areas of their everyday lives to accomplish their goals and dreams with greater happiness, fulfilment, and success.
Positive thinking will change and transform their minds by addressing the limiting beliefs that prevent them from achieving their goals while supporting and empowering them to adopt a Growth Mindset.

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