Rola Sheikh
Rola Sheikh
Holistic Life Coach , Energy Healer

Working with Rola was a life changing experience.

She coached me on several aspects of my life, mainly in the areas of relationships and career development.

She is an excellent listener and has this ability to hone in on key words from my conversation that I myself am not aware of. The sessions that stand out the most in my mind were those related to a failure I faced in a personal relationship. In her coaching, Rola has shown an incredible ability to support and guide me to find my own path and to make an extremely challenging life decision.

She also sometimes combined coaching with healing techniques, and when that happened it was particularly impactful. It helped me get rid of the inside bitterness I used to feel when thinking, seeing or remembering particular people and/or events that have deeply influenced my path.

Among the many lessons learned during our coaching sessions, the most beneficial and long-lasting one would be developing and living by the concept of gratitude.

What I like most about Rola is her way to convey an idea and deliver a message, which she does not by being instructively driven but rather by offering alternative ways to view matters.

Best of all, I have never felt like talking to a therapist but with Rola I felt that I was talking to a funny and wise friend that held me accountable. She is completely down to earth, and I look forward to working with her again."


Rola Sheikh
Rola Sheikh
Holistic Life Coach , Energy Healer

I was diagnosed with clinical depression and an anxiety disorder, and with that diagnosis came a set of pills I’d have to shut my eyes and swallow multiple times every day. While the medicine kept the monster in me at bay, another factor into my treatment had to come in, something a lot more ambiguous than hormone-controlling drugs - therapy. I was recommended to many clinical psychologists who mainly used CBT to help me. Unfortunately, I did not get better, both because of the method being used as well as the discomfort I felt. I tried therapy with the help of professional doctors multiple times and to no avail; my mental health was still deteriorating in a continuous downward spiral. I was starting to feel that my money, time, and energy were being wasted.

I gave up.

Then, a friend of mine told me to try working with a life coach instead. I attempted two life coaches, but like the CBT, their strategies did not help me much either. Suddenly, the wonderful Rola Sheikh came into my life, and I decided to give life coaching one last chance, despite my reluctance and subconscious insistence that this wouldn’t help either.

When Ms. Sheikh told me about her methods of holistic life coaching and energy healing, I honestly thought it was utter nonsense. However, to my surprise, I actually felt a difference during the first session. As I am a person who functions on logic, Ms. Sheikh spent a good amount of our first session making me comfortable and convinced in trying this new method. I learned so much during our coaching sessions, including the power we have within us and the energy around us.

One of the key factors that made me feel very comfortable with Ms. Rola was her purity in wanting to help people. She is not money driven and rather focused on her client getting better; the progression she notices is very rewarding. Never before have I had one of my therapists text/call me after the session asking about how I felt. Ms. Sheikh would genuinely care and check on me. With more and more sessions, she gained my trust, and I was able to open up like I hadn’t before with the other therapists and life coaches. Her no-nonsense method proved to be effective with me as I needed that push to work on myself.

Also, I have always had doubts about the world around us and if God was a good being. Ms. Sheikh, with my approval, helped me heal and helped me make peace with God and what has been given to me. This has given me so much peace of mind and heart.

I still am a huge pessimist and a negative thinker, but before meeting Ms. Sheikh, never before in my life did I think more ‘positively’ than I do now. Small progress is still progress nonetheless. Family, friends, and my doctors all saw changes in me ever since I started my sessions with Ms. Sheikh. The three years in which I went to therapy could not amount to the change I experienced with the help of Ms. Sheikh. She is truly an exceptional life coach who I believe can make me go the distance.

I am truly blessed to have finally been able to start healing after three years of ongoing mental pain.


Marie-Antoinette Attiyeh
Marie-Antoinette Attiyeh
Educational Psychologist. Career Counselor.Personal Life Coach. (Adults-Kids)

إلى الأستاذة ماري،تحية وبعد أولا إريد أن أشكرك على مساعدتي في تغيير حياتي وأسلوبي في التغلب على مشاكلي والنظر إليها بطريقة إيجابية وإستخلاص العبر بطريقة موضوعية ساعدتني على إسترجاع ثقتي بنفسي لقد أدخلتني بإسلوب سلس في صلب مشاكلي الفعلية فأعدت حساباتي ونظرتي إلى حياتي فرتبت أولياتي وبدأت حياتي الجديدة بعدما حددت أخطائي وتعلمت منها.شكرا من قلبي على كل شيء وعلى متابعتك الدائمة لأوضاعي كل الوفيق لك ولعائلتك

Ghada Yared
Ghada Yared

"Being coached by Ghada put me into action. I was on a merry go round in my head, feeling stuck. Ghada helped me to sift through my tangled thoughts and determine what was really important to me. Knowing what I wanted, moved me right into action. I will be forever grateful for her patience, kindness, and intuitive skills. "

Annamarie Marino
New Jersey, USA

Joumana Mansour
Joumana Mansour
Stress Management Specialist, Certified Personal Growth Coach

Name : ZC
I used to worry that there was something wrong with me but
actually realized that I am ok and that I like many others, am
leading a stressful life nowadays as a human being let alone a
woman who needs to be a good mom, wife, daughter, sister,
friend, colleague and advance professionally in her field.
By just having to deal with certain emotions and situations, I
became aware of patterns of behavior that needed to be changed.
I also realized that It's ok to have days when I don't feel that great
and feel down or stressed. Self affirmations have been very
helpful throughout my on going growth. I feel more confident as I
have more tools to help me during challenges and difficult times.
Writing down feelings, referring to different charts...
My view on a lot of things in my life has changed by being aware
of my patterns and how to change/ adjust them.
I have understood that to heal I need to understand my old
patterns, become open to feelings, understand them. Reflect on
the situations and be accepting and forgiving.
Most importantly, I breathe and smile more often.

Joumana Mansour’s life coaching sessions made a major
transformation in my life. Joumana helped me raise my selfesteem,
overcome my patterns of anxiety and fear and try to
maintain my emotional boundaries. After just five sessions of
life coaching, together with weekly yoga practices, I see myself
a more self-confident and a less anxious person. Although I was
prescribed an antidepressant which I had to take for a period of six months when I first walked in Joumana Mansour’s office,
now, after 2 months of starting life coaching with her, I feel I am
able to stop the medication completely with the determination
of never to use it in my whole life again!
Visiting a life coach or a psychologist must no more be
considered weird in our culture since every person may have
developed patterns in his unconscious mind which are not
beneficial to him and every person has the potential to change
those harmful mind patterns. With little guidance from the life
coach or the psychologist, one will be aware of his own negative
thoughts and patterns and will work to modify those patterns
and the result? more peace of mind, higher self-esteem and
self-satisfaction, a healthier body, and thus a better person both
in body and soul.
To conclude, it is worth every minute and every effort to spend
in attending life coaching sessions and applying the life coach’s
advises in one’s real life, since the outcome is unbelievably

Doreen Bourachi O’Brien
Doreen Bourachi O’Brien
Life and Career Coach

When I started working with Coach Doreen I was at a point in my life where I was feeling very lost and defeated, I needed help organizing my life and moving it forward. I really enjoyed our sessions together and found them most empowering. I very quickly felt safe with Doreen. Her compassionate, caring open nature made it easy and motivating to work with her. Each session was powerful and I would walk away with exactly what I needed. I enjoyed being challenged and stretch in with her questions and observations. She is an excellent coach, I would highly recommend her services

Carla Nunes

I had the privilege to benefit from Doreen’s coaching skills on a number of occasions over the last six months. I found her to be simply a ‘Great Coach’. I particularly appreciated her genuine interest in me as her client, her trusting tone, her listening skills and her ability to ask impactful questions. Doreen’s interventions allowed me to face my challenges with calm and confidence. And I am glad to report that, with Doreen’s support, I was successful in my endeavour. Thank you for everything Doreen!

Pierre Rochon

Roula Saba Mouhanna
Roula Saba Mouhanna
Career Coach, Executive Coach

I have had several intense professional breakthroughs in a very short time. Ms. Roula’s expertise, training and compassion guides all of her conversations and insights. I wish I had embarked on this process earlier with Roula. I hope to join one of your core change workshops outside Lebanon.
Lina Idriss

I initially didn’t understand the role of the coach, for me it was a vague idea of someone taking the role of a therapist; from the first time I met Roula, I realized that I can improve myself in several areas and balance my work and home life. She helped me make decisions and work on my assertiveness, and things began to make more sense as I was able to address the work challenges and set goals for success. Don’t expect to ask Roula a question and receive an answer, she will show you the way to make your own decisions and reflect on things in a different perception. She introduced me to the different types of characters and personalities and helped me organize my thoughts and re-evaluate what was important to me with the questions that she brought to our meetings. Roula is a wonderful listener and an incredibly talented and natural coach.

 Nadine Abdel Khalek Khoury
Nadine Abdel Khalek Khoury
Life and Career Coach

"I have learnt much with you and it truly has been a privilege. With deep gratitude I thank you from my heart, my dearest Nadine. Your hallmark is that you are you, an authentic human being, knowledgeable facilitator therefore an authentic holistic great coach."
Alexandra MCLEAN

“Pleasant and helpful personality. Your integrity, honesty, positivity, compassion, intelligence, open-mindedness, respectful, courteous, non-judgmental presence … made my heart feel I was safe and in good company. The sacred space you created for me let me be truly me and allowed me to keep setting myself more and more free “ Client

Hiba raychouni
Hiba raychouni

Hiba is a great coach. She successfully stirred me into the right direction. She managed to teach me how to visualize my problems. She helped me get to the conclusion of what I want my next step to be and what I should do, better yet, how I can reach that next step.
She is very empathetic which I believe is really important. She is trustworthy and I felt comfortable sharing personal matters with her.
I enjoyed working with Hiba, and I recommend her to anyone interested regardless of their professional and academic achievements.
Client name/ would prefer not to say
Financial Markets Executive
Being an entrepreneur for the past 4 years, I was under a lot of pressure. Hiba helped me re-organize my priorities, focus on my well-being and therefore become even more productive. Her approach was focused, effective but nevertheless non-invasive. Her methods not only helped me visualize clearly my values but also face my inner limitations that were really holding me back in my professional life. She also had an intelligent way to shift our discussions to go through tricky issues. And in a most unexpected turn, she even managed to bring up back some old personal hobbies that I had been neglecting ever since I launched my business. It was a privilege working with her and recommend her to anyone who might need a fresh and valuable approach.
Client name/ would prefer not to say

Linda Chaccour
Linda Chaccour
Life and Happiness Coaching

My dearest Linda,
I find it easier to write what I would like to say as I can express myself better.
I have embarked on a journey of radical changes since 2013 and many “blessed souls” have contributed in all the positive changes that have occurred and you are one of them. I cannot thank you enough for your coaching and guidance. You have helped me understand myself better, have introduced me to extremely helpful concepts, and most importantly have listened to what I had to say. Your empathy is remarkable as well as your humility and your high sense of professionalism.
Looking back, I can definitely that there was a “before” my coaching sessions and an “after” my coaching sessions”.
I wish you nothing but to prosper more and more in your career, as you are truly made for what you are doing, “contributing to enhancing people’s lives and help them be happy”.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

"Thank you so much Linda for the coaching so far. I felt that you were very capable of going very specific rather than deep. There is something about your style as a coach that helps me build on my lateral thinking in ways that would allow me to see things sideways. It is definitely a skill that I have always wanted to touch on. Your way of coaching gets me thinking in this way: Idea, Branches of ideas, Simplifying the branches, Finding key commonalities, Fostering strong branches, Using branches specifically, Understanding branches key commonalities, Creating pathways to original idea, Enriching original idea and filling it with strength of vision and purpose. You are definitely a powerful coach who emerges visionaries into leaders through simplicity, specificity, and accountability just like a butterfly would from a caterpillar". Khaled