Lara Abi-Abdallah Kanj
Lara Abi-Abdallah Kanj
Business and Life Co-Active Coach

I started taking coaching sessions with Lara when I was going through an important phase in my career.
I was fighting to have a seat at the big table, with all the stress, and power struggles, and worsening relationships that come along. Lara’s coaching helped me find the confidence and assertiveness I needed. Her insightful questions helped me gain clarity and control over the situation. I was amazed by her sharp intuition and her ability to listen wholeheartedly. Our sessions were dynamic and enlightening. She opened my eyes to win solutions and helped me transform my relationships. I was able to recognize and focus on my strengths, identify my real goals, drop unnecessary weights and manoeuver my obstacles. She was my invisible push; I owe her much of the development of my work personality, and of my success both at work and in my relationships.
For the record, Lara is not only my work coach, she has since been with me on friendships, grief, love, and soul searching. I continue to count on her skills, genuine care, and intelligence, to support me into reaching the next level. M.M. Senior Portfolio Counselor @ Citi, UAE

I attended several workshops that Mrs. Lara Kanj offered and a few one-on-one sessions. She helped me prioritize what was important in my life on many levels. The first workshop I went to introduced me to life values; I have been asked the right questions to lead me to solid decisions and realize my own values in life. Having Lara as my coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made. In fact, I have been able to look at what was essential to me, eliminate all bad energies surrounding me and most importantly strike a healthy balance between work and my personal life. I am a better person today not just to people surrounding me but to my own self.
Mira Hboubati
Investment Banking Analyst @ Blominvest Bank, Lebanon

Tatiana Kutteh
Tatiana Kutteh
Women empowerment | Relationship Management

I knew about Tatiana through the TV program called “يوم جديد” on Otv.
Tatiana is known for being inspiring, authentic, credible and knowledgeable. Most importantly she does her work with passion and puts her heart into each meeting.
Tatiana has helped me to become a better version of myself. The one on one sessions have played a crucial part in my self-development by replacing old patterns with new ones. In addition, the homework that were given on a weekly basis have highlighted the new steps that I need to apply in the present to build a fulfilling future.
By mastering the topics discussed, I have become more productive and proactive. As a result, I feel happier and more at ease with myself.
Thank you, Tatiana, for empowering me in my journey and thank you for emphasizing the importance of having positive relationships (supportive system) in our lives. Vanessa Touma
We were really hopeless until we met Coach Tatiana Kutteh and from the first session we felt that this strong, confident lady will help us save our marriage or at least guide us make it work. After multiple sessions things were getting better and better, she was helping us understand each other, and worked on our communication skills that helped us to communicate better. Coach Tatiana is a great listener; she gave us valuable and helpful skills and tools to make our marriage succeed. She is not only a typical couple coach: she gives so much time, works from her heart, and becomes a dearest confident. I highly recommend her service; she doesn’t make miracles but she tries hard to help you & put you on the right track! Sandy hadad

Maguy Lichaa
Maguy Lichaa
Holistic Health Coach , And Corporate wellness

“I was suffering daily from migraine for the last 20 years the pain was too strong that I had to go to go once a week to the hospital. After following a healthy diet and Shiatsu (Healing Massage).The migraine started to fade gradually until it totally disappeared after 3 weeks. Prefab Houses Lebanon

The positive effects were seen on all levels,physically I was feeling more energized.Emotionally I was more balanced & my cholesterol levels were regulated. ” ~~Rania Germanos P